A List Of Interesting Autism Research Paper Topics For University

Autism has become a very big topic worldwide as more and more children are being diagnosed with this condition. There are hundreds of thousands of young children who are diagnosed as falling somewhere on the autism disorder spectrum and this makes this topic a widely researched one with a multitude of interesting topics such as the ones below that any student can use to write an autism research paper.

  1. 1. The history of autism and how this condition came to be recognized – conduct research on the development and definition of this condition, researchers and doctors involved and the notable cases that they treated.

  2. 2. How to identify the signs of autism – Look at how to recognize the signs of autism in children and adults. Understand their behaviors and different symptoms that they may show if they are only mildly or severely impacted by the disorder.

  3. 3. Review a case study of a parent raising an autistic child – Discuss how the parent came to recognize the signs and what led them to the diagnosis. Discuss how they developed a treatment plan for when the child was young, in school and finally into adulthood.

  4. 4. Managing the Adult with Autism – The big challenge for parents of an autistic child is that this child may never be able to function in society and may be dependent on them for their entire lives. Discuss different management strategies, resources available and support groups. Discuss the issues with health care and assisted living to give respite to the parents and caregivers.

  5. 5. Study the impact on siblings of a child who is autistic – Show how this impacts the family dynamics managing the differences in one child. Show good and bad coping examples from case studies of families that have been impacted by this disease.

  6. 6. Discuss causes of autism – Discuss the different theories behind how autism comes about in young children. Discuss genetics, food, environment and medical treatments and conditions that may bring on this condition.

  7. 7. Review how different countries and cultures manage autism – Look at the good and bad within other countries for how they manage those in their population who have developed this condition.

No matter which topic you choose to complete your research paper on, each one will be filled with interesting information that will make your assignment get high grades and fulfill your degree requirements.