How To Create An Effective Research Paper Outline Easily

Writing a good research paper often depends on the amount of research a scholar has done and the outline he has drawn. An outline serves as the blueprint of a college level composition. Therefore, you need to do your study beforehand and make an outline before finally writing the first draft of the essay.

What are the key elements of an outline?

A dissertation outline must consist of a title which indicates the topic of discourse, a thesis statement which contains the central idea of the dissertation, major arguments and points indicated by number bullets, and supporting data. Therefore, it is pretty much the skeleton of the composition in making. It goes without saying that you need to take meticulous care while writing the outline and you should be prepared to revise it later on.

The project title

The project title should be exactly the same as the title mentioned in your question paper. You should not modify it. Keep it the same and write your name and enrolment number beneath the title. Follow your university instructions closely while writing the title and the rest of the pages.

The thesis statement

The thesis statement should clearly state which topic you are writing on and also should reveal your stance on the given topic. You should end your statement within one or two sentences, but not more than that. Your thesis statement should precede the introduction to the essay. After that, you need to make the outline of the college level essay.

Arrange your arguments

You need to arrange your arguments in a sequential manner. Do not just increase the word count by inserting out-of-context arguments and information. Instead, try to write in connected paragraphs and in a lucid way. This will help you in scoring high. A good college or university level essay should reflect clarity of thought and logical thinking. You might support and substantiate your argument with latest data.

Prepare the initial draft

Preparing the initial draft of the essay comes next. You can add flesh to the bones, which means that you can write the initial draft and then add more points as you proceed. Later on, you can edit the first draft and add more information.

You may also consult professional writing agencies that offer excellent writing and proofreading services. You can send the outline to them, get expert feedback and then rework on it before submitting.