How to Write a 10-Page Research Paper in One Night?

Some people might laugh at the idea of completing a ten page research paper in a single night. This is a reality for some people with others remaining with ample time to sleep soundly. What did the successful writers do?

Switched Off all Distractions

It will take several hours to complete the paper and produce quality work. However, the speed and quality of your work will be affected by your ability to concentrate. As much as possible, switch off all distractions and dedicate the night to your paper. These distractions include televisions, phones, music, internet, etc. You may also need to keep away from your family and friends. This will allow you to fully concentrate on the work.

Gather Necessary Material

Ensure that you have all the materials you require to complete the research paper. The materials might include reference books, writing tools, internet, a computer and drawing tools, among others. It is distracting and time consuming to stop in order to collect materials in the middle of the night. Pick every book you think you will need, ensure proper lighting, organize to have internet access and a printer, if necessary. Your mind and body feel ready to complete the work.

Prepare Mentally and Physically

It will be a grueling night sitting for long hours in order to complete the work. The body must be ready to take the long hours without succumbing to fatigue. Find a way to keep the mind alert e.g. with a cup of coffee. Find warm clothing and a comfortable desk. You might need to inform your neighbors, friends and relatives that you have an important activity to avoid disturbance. This allows you to concentrate on the work at hand.

Choose a Nice Topic

The ease with which you complete the research paper will largely depend on the topic. Choose a topic that is easy to work on and whose reference materials are accessible. An interesting topic is captivating and is unlikely to cause fatigue.

Plan Your Night

Assign a specific duration to complete the work. Identify activities like brain storming, drafting, writing and editing to be sure of what activity takes place at a specific time. This will help you avoid a haphazard approach to the work.

One night is enough to complete your 10-page research paper with good planning. The above tips will enable you to produce the best quality paper. There will still be a lot of time left to sleep.