Picking Up Research Paper Topics In Biology: Tips And Examples For High School Students

Are you looking for appealing topics for your upcoming paper on biology? In this article, we will help you decide what headline to use. Choosing the topic is just the first step of the process. You should keep in mind how much you know about the subject before getting started.

  1. Is there any connection between obesity and genetics? Do obese people have a tendency of gaining weight or is it just a matter of bad habits?
  2. Are there any connections between sexual orientation and genetics?
  3. What is the real threat behind the usage of biological weapons?
  4. Why is Ebola such a deadly disease? Analyse the causes of this illness being so devastating in Africa.
  5. Have researchers found any connection between autism and vaccines? Will this syndrome be curable in the future?
  6. Why cancer is such a deadly disease and what are the latest developments in the treatment?
  7. What was the origin of humankind according to the latest studies in Biology? Learn about the most recent discoveries on this topic.
  8. How is nanotechnology meant to change the way we understand living being in the future?
  9. Are phobias treatable? What is the origin of these issues according to Biology?
  10. What do we know about the human brain and what is yet to be discovered?
  11. Is the 21th century going to be the century of Biology? Should be await amazing discoveries or developments within the next decades?
  12. What are the most promising current researches in Biology? Learn about the most important experiments in this science nowadays.
  13. Why can’t be clone human being yet? Will that be possible in the future?
  14. Why do we age? Learn about the mechanism and how people expect to slow the pace of time for our body in the future.
  15. The possible effects that birth control pills and menstruation control pills have over birth control and health.
  16. Is hypnosis possible according to Biology or is it some sort of trick in your mind?
  17. What are the consequences of living in a large city for our organism?
  18. What is the healthy diet that best suit you? People have harmful eating habits that could cause disorders in the future, learn how to prevent this issues.
  19. What is the cure to cancer? Is this disease curable?