How To Format A Research Paper Title Page In The Chicago Style

There are many ways to format a title page, however, most examiners will agree that presentation does matter. It helps a great deal to utilize an existing style format, if you are not familiar with any, you can easily acquire professional assistance online, where you will find sample, guides, description and much more.

The Chicago style is quite popular among scholar for may reason, the main one being the ability to easily verify the information contained in any paper constructed using this format. In four short points, I will outline the main steps in constructing an excellent title page, using the Chicago style:

  1. Placement of text
  2. This format type places a great amount of focus on exactly how you structure each page with very specific guidelines concerning margins and page sizes. All margins must be between one inch and one and a half inches (1” -to 1.5”) on both sides of the page. Each paragraph must begin with an indentation of half an inch, pressing tab instead of hitting space bar five times is recommended.

  3. Font and spacing
  4. All text must be clearly readable and done in a sober font, preferably times new roman or any other clearly legible font, and no less than size 10pt however is preferred by most educators. All text must be consistently double spaced except for block quotations, figure captions and table titles, these must be single spaced. Notes and bibliographies must also be singled spaced.

  5. Page heading and numbering
  6. The title of the paper should be cantered at the top of the very first page, a third of the way down. If there is a subtitle, you must end the title with a colon and place the subtitle on the following line. The title page need not be numbered, however, this style requires that you number each page with a roman numeral, at the top left of the page.

  7. Information contained in the title page
  8. The title page can also contain additional information about the author or research team and this information comes after the main and sub titles. It is customary to include one’s name and class or department information several lines below the title, on the same page. This should not be a lengthy list and should fit neatly in two or three lines, at the bottom of the title page.