25 Fun Research Paper Topic Ideas To Catch Your Reader's Attention

When you have the luxury of choosing your own research paper topic, it makes it so much easier. You will have a lot better luck trying to write about a topic that you are interested in mostly because you will have to do some extensive research on the topic. If you are not interested in it, it will not only be harder for you to understand but you will be less likely to really research the topic.

Because everyone is different and different things appeal to all sorts of people, it is necessary to compile a list that is fairly extensive. However, not just any topic can be chosen because you also want to appeal to your audience. You can’t catch the attention of your reader and make them want to read about a subject that you can’t get out of your head if it is not well thought out and aobut an interesting topic. here are some topics to choose from.

  1. 1) The life of a gladiator
  2. 2) Do bug repellent sprays really work?
  3. 3) How does your GPS work?
  4. 4) What makes some clothing bulletproof?
  5. 5) What were the causes of the 2008 stock market crash?
  6. 6) What did Cleopatra do for Egypt?
  7. 7) How do things become addictive?
  8. 8) What are the effects of extensive drug use on the kidneys?
  9. 9) How did the use of automatic weapons change war?
  10. 10) Why hasn’t Wal-Mart been successful in all countries?
  11. 11) Is the human race still evolving?
  12. 12) Has texting made teenagers dumber?
  13. 13) How can you lower your carbon footprint?
  14. 14) How has the BP oil spill affected the wildlife?
  15. 15) How did the women’s suffrage movement change America?
  16. 16) Can gamblers ever gain an advantage over the house?
  17. 17) How is energy saved with a hybrid car?
  18. 18) How are some sleep disorders treated?
  19. 19) How does our brain store memories to be retrieved later?
  20. 20) How are hurricanes formed?
  21. 21) How does your television display a picture?
  22. 22) How do solar energy panels work?
  23. 23) Are shows designed for babies really good for their development?
  24. 24) Why does reading to your child make them better learners?
  25. 25) What are some ways you can improve your mood?

This list should give you a good idea of what topics to consider for your paper.