Original Research Paper Topics on Computer Science: 20 Great Suggestions 

It’s hard to imagine people’s lives without the computer technologies available to us in the 21st century. Almost every technological device has a computer inside. Computers are predominating in all aspects of our daily routines. 

Computer science is a promising field for researchers as it provides an opportunity to contribute to the progression of the digital age. Computer science is the science of the future, and it offers a wide selection of research projects. In this text, you will find original research paper topics on computer science that can be used for the creation of your own scientific project. 

  1. The creation of an algorithm that is responsible for artificial intelligence functioning.
  2. The means necessary to create a self-learning machine on the basis of modern computer systems.
  3. The evolution of personal computers from simple calculators to powerful minicomputers.
  4. The ways of improving the gathering of large amounts of data from information retrieval systems
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  6. Theoretical advantages of intellectual RAM in comparison to the other types of RAM.
  7. The elements that are required for the creation of a virtual reality network.
  8. The development of gesture-based interaction with computer systems and its various aspects.
  9. Special mapping languages that are applied to constructive and architecture systems.
  10. The development of self-study skills in text-to-speech engines to assist blind people.
  11. The hardware principle of work in large data saving centers and methods of data protection.
  12. The creation of programming language analyzers and their potential benefits for system optimization and cooperation between various programming languages.
  13. The principle of computer viruses’ work and the possibility to create a perfect algorithm that will protect all systems from virus threats.
  14. The development of machine translation as a fundamental aspect for a computer-based theory of human language.
  15. Complex network models – the principle of work, link building and basic data network models.
  16. New hardware architectures that provide an increased data processing speed.
  17. The possibility of the human brain’s connection to computer systems.
  18. The development of human-computer interaction and the technologies that help computers understand human emotions.
  19. The construction of energy-saving computers – the demands of the hardware.
  20. Basic programming environments for the creation of websites and the principle of their work.
  21. The interconnection of hardware and software –the adaptability of hardware to software.

You can select one of these topics or make up your own, as there are many original research paper topics that are worth exploring.