A List Of Outstanding Business Ethics Term Paper Topics

Supervisors often ask their students to prepare their term papers about controversial and fascinating ideas. If you are studying business and management, you should find business ethics a promising field of research. There are many topics to choose from, so start composing your own as soon as you are given the assignment. It’s a good idea to look through the following list of outstanding example topics, get inspired, and formulate the topic you would like to reveal in your term paper:

  • Investigate how companies collect and use personal data of their customers.
  • It’s not surprising that corporations and even small businesses try to get as much information about their customers as possible. Naturally, many people are concerned whether their personal data is properly secured.

  • Analyze why it’s dangerous to sell public surveillance technologies to the third-world countries.
  • You could focus your research on whether companies should sell these technologies to authoritarian governmental regimes since the latter could violate human rights. It’s important to analyze what organizations should control such sale operations.

  • Study targeted online advertising policies of companies.
  • It’s interesting to find out how companies get customers’ contacts. You should also analyze what potential dangers to people’s privacy it involves. Try to answer the question whether companies should be allowed to use only impersonal “big data.”

  • Write your paper about development of GMO organisms and ethical issues involved.
  • Corporations make money by selling products that contain GMO. In many countries, customers are not aware of potential risks. They claim that genetic engineering should be prohibited. You should examine pros and cons of using GMO.

  • Learn more about robot cars’ exploitation.
  • There are some interesting ethical concerns related to robot cars that you can write about. For instance, it is not clear who should be blamed for a car accident – the company that produced a vehicle, the distributor, or the car owner.

  • Consider whether companies should go beyond compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Today, many companies implement environmental management systems and do product life cycle assessment. However, some customers argue that companies should put more effort in minimizing their environmental impact and preventing pollution.

  • Describe how labor practices comply with human right protection laws.
  • Different countries have different human right protection laws. Companies based in developed countries are trying to minimize their labor expenses, so they come to the third-world counties where there is no legislation to stop management from discriminative workplace practices.