Coming Up With Up-To-Date Sports Research Paper Topics

Along with standardized tests, research paper projects are regular school events. Because these are assigned so frequently, creating up-to-date topics can be challenging. Unless you get to write about sports. Because the world of sports is constantly changing, there are always (many sites) that have lists of topics and inspirational ideas for students. Here are a few ideas to help you create the best topic for your sports research paper:

  • Check out the latest blogs. People in the United States love sports and they love to blog about them. If you have a favorite sport, you should be able to find blogs about local teams and their players. Bloggers know the sport and they know their teams, so you should be able to find plenty of minute details that can become interesting topics for research papers. For example, if you love baseball, you can find blogs about the plethora of statistics, including the one that gets bloggers talking: WAR. You can also find blogs about players who set new records and players who are breaking the rules. These small topics can be developed into lengthy, well researched papers with solid arguments.
  • Listen to talk radio. Sports fans love their talk radio which is why there are so many options. You can find local shows and national, syndicated shows through free online apps and streaming sessions. You only need to listen to a show or two to find topics that you could research. In fact, the whole idea of sports talk radio could be a topic to investigate and argue in a paper. You could even argue why you think a local talk show should become nationally syndicated.
  • Look at team websites. Every professional sports team has a website. These websites are full of stories and links about their players, coaches, and the game. You can usually find links to the rules of the game and the history of the team. Looking into the history of your team can uncover ideas that you could research. Some teams have had controversial owners and players that make people reconsider the value of professional athletics.

You never know what you will find when you start to dig around. If you are looking for topics for a research paper about sports, the online options for inspiration should take you far. Look into what you know and what you want to know for the best ideas.