The Quick Way To Write A Strong Biology Research Paper Conclusion

The conclusion of your biology paper is very important section, as it will present a summary of whatever you have done so far in the paper. Most of the times, this section is under rated because students are in a rush to be done with their papers. They do not give enough deserved time to the section because they want to wrap up the paper and proof read it for submission. You might be in a rush because you delayed your assignment on purpose or had an emergency, which caused the delay. Whatever the reason for delaying your paper, it will affect your conclusion greatly because that is the last thing in your paper

  1. The introduction and conclusion act as a frame around the body of your biology research paper. The introduction helps the readers transit from their world of ideas and opinions to yours while the latter helps them transit from your opinions back to their own world. You have to make sure that both these paragraphs synchronize well and complement each other if you are to write a winning paper. The best way to do this is leave both the sections for the end and write them after completing the body of your paper
  2. The thesis statement you developed for your biology research paper is the basic extract of your assignment around which the entire paper revolves. You have to make sure throughout the paper that you support this statement. In the last paragraph of your paper, you have to restate your thesis statement in different words and emphasize on how you proved it right with your work. You will include it in the last paragraph to remind your readers about the core mission of your paper
  3. A conclusion is a summary of your entire paper but it need not be repetitive. You have to create a valid and precise extract of everything you have discussed in your paper to show the larger significance of your work. You can highlight the major arguments in your paper to include them in the last paragraph of your assignment
  4. Never include any new ideas or terminologies in this section if the rest of the paper does not have them. You have to summarize the paper and do not include any new ideas because they will only confuse your readers
  5. If you like you can add a suggestion, an action or a thought for the readers