A List Of Amazing Literature Research Paper Topics

What follows are some original literature research paper topics that will help spruce up the interest factor of your research paper.

  • - The art of addicting viewers
  • Take a closer look at the elements of TV shows that grab hold of people’s attention and compel them to keep watching. What are these aspects and how can they be implemented into television to create classics such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Friends’, and ‘Big Bang Theory’?

  • - Mythology and poetry: A perfect marriage
  • Do a study on the marvellous combination of mythology and poetry. Let examples such as Beowulf and the like inspire your research paper.

  • - Factors that have won literary awards
  • What makes a book a classic? Is it because of groundbreaking originality, or do those books still stand alone as ‘The Greats’ from the past? Once you’ve identified these classic-making factors, discuss how you would go about writing a classic in today’s era.

  • - The spiritual autobiography of the Apostle Paul
  • Take a look at an outdated type of literature: a spiritual autobiography. Do one of a biblical character or perhaps a more recent martyr from history.

  • - Poems that don’t rhyme versus poems that do
  • What’s better: a rhyming poem, or one that is poetic without the crutch of rhyming words? Do a comparison and analyze each one for its strengths and weaknesses. Give lots of examples to make your case.

  • - How a movie script can improve production
  • Is there any element in the writing that makes a movie greater than the next one? What can screen writers do to take their scripts to the next level?

  • - How to make a classic: Learning from the past
  • Look at some of the movies that have stood the test of time. Use some of the classics from the eighties and nineties and analyze what can be done to make a classic movie today. How do we escape from the mundane movies and separate from the crowd?

  • - Excellent pieces of literature written while in prison
  • Analyze some prison literature. Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler, and John Bunyan will inspire you to find more. Discuss the breakthrough of thought and inspiration that hit these men while they were in prison. Give the reader some insight into what must have gone on in their minds.

  • - The art of comedic writing
  • What does it take to be a comedy writer? Look at different aspects of comedy such as stand-up, sitcoms, and even silent movies.