The Research Paper Format For 2nd Grade: Tips And Tricks

Okay, so if you are a class teacher of 2nd-grade kids, then getting them to complete successfully a research paper can be quite a challenge. They are still very young, and many of them have only just learned to read and write. Not only do you have to sustain their interest in the topic but you also have to teach them the discipline of working to a set format. Before you start ripping your hair out in despair or wishing that you had opted for the kindergarten class, here are some tips and tricks to help you survive.

Let them choose their own topic

Many teachers have an instinctive, almost primal urge to control everything about their lessons, and there is often a desire to nurture young kids. However, trust me if you let the kids pick their topics then they are far more likely to engage and want to please you than if they are force fed a topic that bores them to death.

Keep the primary objective at the forefront of your mind

Okay, so some of the subjects that they come up with might leave you rolling your eyes in consternation or rolling around the floor in laughter. However, the key here is to remember that your aim is to get these kids to complete an assignment. The subject is irrelevant.

Keep the sources simple

Do not attempt to overload minds that are already whirring and struggling to process everything that is being thrown at them. Keep the sources that you are using for your research as simple and generic as possible. I would suggest using them in this order:

  • The internet – all kids love the web
  • Encyclopedias – The more colorful, the better
  • Standard textbooks

Walk them through the process at their pace

We all learn at different speeds and learning a new process is no different. You are going to find that some kids will grasp the concept immediately and fly with it while others are going to need more support. Try and scatter your resources around the room so that kids who can work independently can during those that need help get it.

Remember that this is meant to be fun

Don’t get so bogged down in the process that you lose sight of the fact that these kids are still very young. There is always a next time. There will always be another opportunity to practice writing a research paper. Yes, you have targets to meet but you also have a responsibility to ensure that learning is as enchanting as possible.