Choosing Strong X-Ray Research Paper Topics For High School Students

X-rays is a kind of electromagnetic phenomenon, which is actually radiation, which was discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen. Machines for x-rays are omnipresent in hospitals all over the world and medical professionals rely on them to make diagnosis on a daily basis. If you are a high school student looking for a strong research topic on x-rays, you are in luck. We have some great topics to get you inspired.

  1. The Discovery of X-rays
  2. Explore the story of how this useful form of radiation was discovered. Was the discovery by design or by accident?

  3. The Man Who Discovered X-rays
  4. Profile the man who made one of the most important discoveries in medical science. Who was he and what is his life’s story?

  5. How do X-rays work?
  6. Explore the inner workings of this wonderful technology. What are its secrets and how has the technology and its use evolved over the years?

  7. Are X-rays harmful?
  8. Too much of anything is not good for you. This saying is truer for x-rays than most other things. Explain the effects of long term or prolonged exposure to this radiation and how it can be used safely.

  9. The uses of X-rays
  10. X-rays are used in everything from medical science to evaluation of paintings. Other uses include scanners at airports to scanning for victims buried under rubble. Explore the multitude of ways in which this sort of radiation makes our lives easier.

  11. X-rays and Medical Science
  12. Explore the various ways in which x-rays are used in medical science. The rays are used to scan patients and find problems with internal organs such as broken bones. There are also curative uses of these rays. Explore the evidence.

  13. X-rays and competing technologies
  14. There are many technologies that overlap or encroach on the areas of expertise of x-rays. These include everything from ultrasound machines to CT Scans. Compare and contrast the differences and similarities of these technologies.

  15. X-rays and their future
  16. With various competing technologies like CT scans and ultrasound etc., what is the future of x-rays? Can medical science cope without x-rays?

  17. Research on X-rays
  18. Explore the research being done on x-rays. How are they being made safer? Is that even possible? What is being done to improve the quality of imaging? What is being done to make it more effective at lower radioactive potency?

  19. X-ray and the age of the patient
  20. Discover what effect x-rays have on older or younger patients.