10 Ancient History Term Paper Ideas: Professional Suggestions

The majority of people find history to be unbelievably fascinating. It can be a wonderful experience to immerse yourself in the lives of those who came before us. There are so many amazing periods in the past that narrowing down the choice can be next to impossible. Before you can decide on a topic for your paper, you will need to choose the period in time that most appeals to you. Will it be Biblical times? Ancient Rome, Egypt, or Greece? Whatever area may grab your attention, here are 10 ideas for term papers on ancient history to get you started:

  • Ancient Egyptian Language: Ancient Egypt is famous for seemingly meaningless hieroglyphs on monuments, buildings, and even caves, but the language changed and other types of scripts were developed so state and business affairs could quickly be documented. Think about examining how demotic or hieratic scripts were developed, and how they compare to hieroglyphs.

  • The Peloponnesian War: Occurring during 431-404 BC, this ancient struggle was between Sparta and Athens. Athens was destroyed for some time. How was its glory restored?

  • The Han Dynasty: This period in Chinese history enjoyed stability and peace for a long period of time. What was life really like on a daily basis, and what brought an end to peace?

  • The Greco-Persian Wars: Beginning in 499 BC, what caused the conflicts between the Greek city states and the Achaemenid Empire?

  • The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: From the pyramid in Giza to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, how were these wonders created by ancient peoples?

  • The Trojan War: The elopement of Helen and Paris was a shocking development. What part did Cupid play?

  • Ancient Mesopotamia: Discuss how mastering water irrigation had a huge impact for farmers on mass agriculture.

  • The Gods: Discuss the similarities and differences between Gods in Egypt and Rome. Why did they disappear?

  • Medicine in History: What civilization had more impact on the way we look at medicine today. What was the greatest discovery in each civilization and who was it made by?

  • The Nile River: How important was the Nile to the Ancient Egyptians? How would things have changed for their civilization if they had not been able to take advantage of it? What were the main resources they derived from the river itself, and what by-products were they able to use?