A List Of Interesting Chemistry Term Paper Ideas For College

In most of the cases, choosing a term paper topic is more challenging than writing the paper. The most common style of writing in chemistry is formulaic. The similarities in the subjects make it more difficult to select the best topic for your chemistry term paper. The topics provided below are unique and will give you a clue of how to make the best choice.

  1. 1. Diet soda and how it affects the human bone structure
  2. 2. The possibility of acid rain in your neighborhood and its effect on vegetation
  3. 3. Healthy fluoride quantities in community water
  4. 4. The health effects of using plastic packaging materials on food
  5. 5. The possibility of using yeast as bio-fuel
  6. 6. Is sugar a reliable component in batteries
  7. 7. The pesticide and organic foods debate
  8. 8. Harmful chemicals in medication
  9. 9. Food allergies and their chemical triggers
  10. 10. Differentiating skim, 2% and whole milk
  11. 11. Extracting bio-fuel from ethanol
  12. 12. The chemical future of the world
  13. 13. Is chemistry aging?
  14. 14. Marketable careers in chemistry
  15. 15. The capture and use of carbon dioxide
  16. 16. The place of chemistry in making genetic medicine less expensive
  17. 17. How chemistry affects the effectiveness of makeup
  18. 18. Forensic chemistry and how it solves crimes
  19. 19. What is the meaning of natural flavor?
  20. 20. The chemistry of long term food preservation.

An interesting chemistry term paper topic makes your writing easy and interesting. This will reduce the time taken to complete it as well as make it less tiresome. Several considerations are important when choosing a topic.

  • Make it interesting- interesting and topical term papers are fun and compelling to read. A reader should be curious to delve into the body of your paper by reading the topic.
  • Make it current- a lot of studies have been conducted in chemistry. Avoid repeating areas that have been studied time and again. Use the latest findings in the discipline including recently published books and journals.
  • Make it practical- there are numerous areas of study in chemistry. Choose an area that provides a solution to human challenges. Do not stick to the chemical reactions and formulas that chemistry is known for. Look beyond the traditional understanding and find a good topic for your term paper.
  • Be original- copying a topic compromises your score. Understand that your supervisor or tutor has studied numerous papers and is aware of common topics. Show originality by introducing a new twist to the old topics.