Where To Search For Thesis Statement Examples For A Research Paper

The most important part of any essay is the thesis statement. This sentence encapsulates the entire argument that the student plans on making in the paper. The thesis statement demonstrates to the reader what the remainder of the document will be about. It guides the outline of the paper and is supported by all of the evidence that the student finds. To write the best thesis statement, students should take some time to read through examples. By learning what to do and what not to do in their writing, the student can create a better quality thesis and an A+ research paper.

In the Beginning

At the very beginning, students need to figure out a general topic for their writing. Once they have done this, they can narrow down the topic to a single argument. It should only take up about one or two sentences. If students have a problem creating a thesis, they should start with a question. Students need to decide what they plan on proving in their writing. They may need to be flexible because the thesis statement could change as they do the writing. Most importantly, the student should not telegraph their thesis with phrases like “I am going to show” or “I will prove”. The thesis statement should be able to speak for itself.

Finding Samples

Many academic websites and universities will actually publish sample essays. They may release writing guides or examples of good writing. On some academic sites, students can find examples of the best and worst thesis statements. Students should copy the examples that are well-written and learn from the poorly written statements. With this help, students can write a perfect thesis statement.

Visit the Writing Center

Most college campuses will have a writing center or a tutoring center on-site. In most cases, these centers will be completely free for students. If the student needs help writing their thesis, they can go to the tutoring center and arrange for a tutor. Likewise, the writing center may have examples on-site.

Once the thesis is complete, the student may still need help with their writing. Most writers find it difficult to edit their own writing. The writer sees each sentence the way they intended to write it, rather than the way that it is. To get a fully edited paper, students should find someone else who can help them with editing it. At the writing center, students can get help with proofreading their paper. If the student has extra time, they can always visit their professor during office hours to make sure that their finished document is truly complete.