How To Write An 8-Page Research Paper Successfully

An 8-page research paper takes an impressive amount of studying and writing. Although this writing assignment may seem daunting at first, students can make the process easier by using some of the following tips. Through preparation, planning and hard work, students can ensure that they turn in a high-quality essay to their teacher.

Begin Immediately

A research paper takes time; students must compile notes, read books and organize their thoughts. Since it can take a lot of time, students should begin working on it immediately. Many students can also benefit by scheduling out the work that they need to do to complete their assignment. They can set a word count goal for every day so that the monumental task of writing eight pages becomes a little easier to handle.

Read Through Examples

To get a clear idea of the type of writing, editing and citations that will be required, students should read through some examples before they begin. These examples are typically available online, but the teacher may have some examples in their office as well. With the example, the student should look at how the writer structured their argument. They should closely examine the thesis statement, topic sentences and the structure so that they know exactly what they need to do in their own writing.

Just Write

Writers' block is normally caused by the writer writing and rewriting their argument. For the perfectionist, the introduction or the first few sentences can seem terrible at first glance. Rather than waste time on rewriting everything ten times, the student should just keep writing. The first draft is always terrible, and the student can go back and change things when they are done. Initially, the student's main goal should be to get a first draft completed. Afterward, they can worry about grammar problems or phrasing issues.

Save Time for Editing

Far too many students turn in a research paper that has not been edited. A rough draft is called a rough draft for a reason; it needs to be changed before the student can turn it in. Students should make sure that they have saved a few times to thoroughly edit the document. In addition, the student may want to have a teacher, talented friend or tutor read through their assignment. An extra pair of eyes is a great way to spot mistakes, and many schools offer free tutoring to help students out.