The Top 10 Great American History Term Paper Topic Ideas

The US of A has seen too many ups and downs, ever since it became a sovereign independent country in 1777. Its history is so speckled with interesting insights, adventures, revolutions, viewpoint clashes and movements that it automatically becomes a pet arena for research scholars.

Resources for term papers

Therefore, it is not surprising that there have been innumerable books written on American History, right from Civil War to the Great Depression; Abolitionism to Civil Rights Movements; Cold War to 9/11. American history is rich with details and therefore offers fodder for intense research and, on a lighter vein, term papers.

A whirlpool of resources

Term paper setters for college students and higher classes can never complain they are short on resource. Almost every decade since the 1800s has been laced with action of a different kind. There have been imposing presidents; battles and America’s involvement in the two World Wars as well. Even if the examiner wishes to go modern, he can deep into 9/11.

Notable events of each period

As a student, you need to prepare on a variety of term paper topics; at least major topics in each successive quarter century. It is necessary to gather the utmost details about the term paper topics you prepare for, to make sure you have elaborate descriptions ready.

Contact with scholars

It helps to remain in contact with history scholars, who know how to segregate the history, chaffing out the inconsequential and retaining the necessary elements. This will save time for you and also provide you with direction.

Here is a list of 10 significant and poignant topics for American History term papers.

  1. 1. Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?
  2. 2. What initiated the evolution of USA in 1800s and how?
  3. 3. How different were the political viewpoints of the North and South, during and after Civil War?
  4. 4. How effective or not was FDR’s New Deal post The Great Depression?
  5. 5. How has the continuous hanging sword of Fidel Castro affected USA?
  6. 6. What was the eventual aftermath of Martin Luther King’s assassination typically on Civil Rights Movement?v
  7. 7. What is the impact of Watergate on the commoner’s take on American politics?
  8. 8. Why did USA get initially involved in the Vietnam War? What went serially wrong there?
  9. 9. What is the global impact of the American take on terrorism, post 9/11?
  10. 10. What prominent steps led to rebuilding of the US economy after the 2008 recession?